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ImVajra Software Studio is committed to providing professional information security solutions for our customers all over the world. We research and develop, produce and sell information security solutions to protect our customers' personal information from network threats and theft.

The Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond, and a ritual tool or spiritual implement symbolically important to both Buddhism and Hinduism. The Vajra destroys all kinds of ignorance and it is indestructible. In Hindu mythology, the Vajra is a powerful weapon having the combined features of sword, mace, and spear. And in Buddhism, the Vajra is the symbol of indestructibility as a firm, incisive and all-conquering weapon.

Being an outstanding information security solutions provider, ImVajra is directed to provide robust information security products and services which can destroy all malicious attacks and protect all your privacy like the Vajra, to satisfy users' diversified needs of information security. Dedicated to the research of password management, personal information security fields, ImVajra applies top technologies to our products, thus ensures our excellent defenses and protections.

ImVajra is engaged to provide our customers with quick and efficient information security solutions, and continually make improvements to offer more comprehensive protections. Meanwhile, we will closely keep track of the newest information security threats and offer best defense solutions, to enable our customers never to worry about the ever-changing and growing information security threats any more, thus protect their system and data security securely.

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